TRILO Suction Unit SU60


1-Configurator SU60

Basic model SU60

Basic specifications:

  • Trilo centrifugal pump, V-belt driven
  • Hard faced fan Ø 600 mm and wear-resistant double-walled fan housing
  • Exhaust chute with swing system 360° and adjustable end flap
  • Hose 250 mm with 5 m radius
  • Hose 250 mm with 5 m radius, hose hanging on swing arm
  • Electric started Honda petrol engine 15kW (20 HP), V-twin
  • Start/stop engine security on fan house
  • Chassis with jack, brakeless (max 80 km/h)
  • Tires 20.5x8.0-10pr
  • 2x Rear lights 12V connected to 7-pole plug
  • Operator's manual, illustrated spare parts list and CE-conformity
  • TÜV

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